haha, ok, last FOB question, what are Fall out boy fans called?

like, Teddy Geiger fans are called "tedheads" (my name) and Ace Young fans are called "Highrollers". Hmm, do Fall Out Boy fans even have a name?

11 Answers

  • Their fan club is the "Overcast Kids"...

  • Fall Out Boy Fans

  • True Fall Out Boy fans are called Youngbloods!!!

  • They were originally called Overcast Kids, but ever since their album Save Rock and Roll came out the fandom name is Youngbloods. But they go by both names

  • Its either young bloods or fall out nation

  • Fall Out Fans!!!!!!! 🙂 no, not really,... but i couldn't think of any more! 🙂 FOB ROCKS!!! 🙂 I love the song Dance Dance! 🙂

  • FOBians

  • Losers. Hahaha, just kidding! Or am I?

  • Isn't it really "Youngbloods"??!!

  • the poisioned youth

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