HAIR STYLISTS: Is murrays hair pomade safe for hair?

I need a styling product. Murray's is cheap. However i want to know if it would lead to hair loss or something.

Also while i have your attention stylists, I want to know if Garner Fructis shampoo is safe to use everyday. I currently use pantene sheer volume everyday but hear that it is bad. Any input girls (or guys) would be great. I'll give an easy ten points!

3 Answers

  • Murray's shouldn't lead to hair loss, but with the pomades you have to wash your hair really well because they will STAY in your hair without a vigorous washing. Actually, the Murray's isn't going to do you much good if you're going to wash it out EVERY day. It helps your (well black hair) hair establish the natural wave pattern and adds a bit of sheen. You may want to use something different if you're washing that often. If you are using it to spike your hair or as a type of styling gel then once again, you should be okay, but it still isn't the easiest thing to wash out.

    I know nothing about the Garnier Fructis.

  • I have heard that Garner Fructis works o.k. at first but it builds up on your hair. So do not keep using it. I have not heard that Pantene Sheer Volume has done any harm to a living soul. And as for Murray's styling product well honey I have been using it for nigh on sixty five years, and everyone remarks on my fantastic head of hair.

  • Hair loss affects both men and women. Here are some natural remedies that can help boost hair growth: While genetics plays a role, there are other factors, including: hormonal imbalances, an underactive thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation.

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