Harry potter fans!!!!!!! what should i name my Pygmy Puff?

I was thinking of piggly wiggly but i don’t know what do you think?

9 Answers

  • You have one? That’s so not fair I want one!

  • Pygmy Puff Names

  • Arnold. After Ginny’s

  • Arnold, thats the name of ginny’s. Or Pigwideon, Ron’s owl’s name, because it sounds like pygmy. Or Fluffy, or Aragog.

  • https://shorturl.im/QIH7u

    some thing cute, sweet abbie, ally, or the pet route- chica, fluffy, or my personal favorite ginny by the way i want to go so bad my cousin when on the opening day but it was to late to meet rupert

  • don’t name it aragog thats creepy. pigwidgeon would be cool, so would arnold, as the other person said. fluffy seems too unorginal

    maybe you should name it or base the name off your fave HP character

  • Jerome.

  • My friend named hers Fluff

  • …since when have Pygmy Puffs been real?

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