Has anyone else had problems with the automatic airwick air freshener refills not working with the dispensers?

I bought two airwick automatic air freshener dispensers and they worked fine with the original air wick scent cans. However when they ran out, I bought two new refills and after the first spray, the red light starts blinking. The batteries are secure and it just flashes and flashes without spraying. I read somewhere that the refills do not have these black lines on the nozzle and the dispenser thinks that it is empty. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for your time.

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  • One thing I learned, is that those dispensers go through batteries like crazy. I had to put in new ones with each refill. I only used the Airwick refills , not the generic ones because I really liked the one flavor. I had not trouble with the refills working okay.

  • I m having trouble with their being oil in the bottom of the dispenser when I go to refill. I got oil all over me today, just changing out the spray. I am using the Air Wick dispenser and refills. Is any one else having this problem? I have used the Air Wick in another dispenser and had this problem, but thought it was because they weren t designed for the other dispenser. Help, I love Air Wick s scents, however, this is not acceptable. Thanks.

  • Air Wick Blinking Red

  • The newer air wick models have been designed

    not to take copies

    You could try using a marker pen and draw a black line

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