Has anyone ever heard of Skyler Lexx?

I'm considering using him for Studio work for my Daughter. Thank you

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  • There's one on youtube or there's a really cute baby too.

  • We have been working with Skyler Lexx for several months. Our experience has been exactly as advertised. We have been to see major labels and also recorded a top notch record with Skyler and his team. We have been overly satisfied with the results. Our daughter is in the process of working a deal with a major label and this would not have been remotely possible without the efforts and support of Skyler and his team.

    I have read many of these reviews and see that people are skeptical. I was initially, but we took a chance. We read all of the posts, on here and decided to give it a shot anyway. The results have been amazing. I can't help but wonder if the people that claim he is a scam did not have success at any of the labels. We have no guarantee that our daughter will be signed, however we are confident that through out this process that Skyler and his team have been working diligently to help her achieve her goals. She has been put in touch with some of the best in the music business through Skylers contacts and guidance. How much are you willing to invest in your own career is the question? We where willing to take a great risk because we believe in our daughter...

    We have done a lot of local recording, and even some with award winning producers that cost us a great deal of money. None of them walked us into the major record labels and generated the attention and continued talks with the major labels that we have gotten with Skyler. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  • Lexx Imdb

  • Skyler Lexx is a complete and utter scam artist. He takes advantage of extremely naïve people on YouTube. Children and adults alike. For the mere price of $5,000 you can fly out to LA (not including travel expense) and record a song! And for $5,000 more you can shoot a video with make up artist and back up dancers and he will auto tune the absolute crap out of it. He will even get you a meeting with "labels"! And as soon as you step foot out of the meeting, you'll never hear from him again UNLESS you're wanting another video. This is nothing but a rock n' roll fantasy camp, makes you feel special for a couple days but really anyone with the money can do it, no talent required. If you have the money to play with go for it! But don't think for a second you are actually going to get any traction in the music industry with this guy.

  • I have personally met with Skyler, and he did everything he said he would, including taking me to four different Major Record Companies.

    I have also sat in Paramount Studios and watched him and his staff put Records together in front of me, including horn sections and famous musicians.

    I'm unfamiliar with what experience the Curtis guy may have had (the earlier comment), but have you taken the time to even meet with them before making comments like that?

    I did, and I won for my daughter. For that fact they offered to meet me at Paramount before we did any business, and after I met with them, I was totally comfortable with everything that they said, as it proved to be true.

    I too was skeptical at first, but I asked the Exec at Atlantic Records (in front of Skyler) about some of the things Skyler was stating, and I got the same answers.

    I believe at the end of the day, you should do what's right for you.

    I personally don't have any Gold or Platinum Records, and I most certainly wouldn't argue with someone that has those awards and offered to take me to a Label to assist in my obtaining the same.

    Of course if you already have Label Contacts and a Production staff, you wouldn't need him anyway.

    In closing, you should do what's best for you.


  • Yes I have and there was a talent company that found my son and his band and referred us to him, of which it was quite the learning experience for us all.

    They put them in the studio with writers and we got to record at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, and ran into Kanye West and Cody Simpson in the hallway of the studio. There were some record company executives that were there in other sessions that he introduced us to as well, and we will never forget our experience.

    We also shot Video and did a photo shoot which was a learning experience with getting the clothes in L.A. (not the same as the clothes in Hawaii), having a make up artist do the band's make up with air brushing, and looking completely different from when we started. The experience was well worth it, except for the part when the band broke up.

    The lead singer had a stage mother that just wouldn't quit, to the extent that one of the record companies Skyler brought us to said she wasn't welcome at any more meetings, and it was all downhill from there.

    Overall though we loved every minute of it.

    There's my two cents 🙂

    N. Amirault

  • All I know is that 'at the end of the day' is something Skyler says repeatedly, making me wonder if the positive review by Faye which sounds similar to many other positive reviews (verbatim even) --this makes me think that Skyler wrote this himself.

  • Skyler Lexx Music Producer - SCAM?

    I was recently contacted by Ashley Camden of BelAir Talent, who stated that the music producer, Skyler Lexx, after "discovering" my daughter on YouTube, felt that she was an amazing singer, and that he therefore wished to record/produce her at the world-famous Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood (Los Angeles), California. Following this, he would then introduce her to various record labels.

    Please note that although never mentioned at the time of our conversation, Ashley Camden of BelAir Talent is Skyler Lexx's wife. She then went on to tell me how wonderful and amazing Skyler was, blah, blah, blah, name-dropping, name-dropping, stars shooting out his butt, etc. etc.

    You get the picture.

    When asked if it would cost anything for Skyler to produce a song for my daughter (remember, she's this "amazing" singer discovered by Skyler), Ashley was quick to ask for $5,000.00, explaining that the famous Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood are not cheap. Then why do you need to "rent" such an expensive studio? Oh, I know, to impress us!

    On top of the actual recording fee, I estimate that it would cost my daughter and I $2,000.00 for travel and accommodation expenses to attend LaLa land for the recording session.

    When I pointed out that Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber didn't have to cough up these expenses, Ashley quickly countered (perhaps reading from a script) that Taylor Swift's parents invested $1-million in their daughter's career (yeah, right) before she became famous, and that Justin Bieber's grandparents paid for all of Justin's expenses when he and his mother flew to the United States to meet with Usher and others in the music industry (maybe, but you can be sure he didn't have to fork over $5,000.00 for a demo recording before being signed).

    My response: ‘Wow! Really? And you're only asking $5,000.00 (plus travel and accommodation expenses) to start? What a deal! Thank you sooo much for “discovering” my daughter on YouTube! What wonderful human beings you are.’

    And the best part? Get ready, because once you’ve made the initial recording, you’re then told that an artist must have 3-4 recordings for record labels to make a proper evaluation. Or perhaps it just wasn’t the right song to begin with, so let’s give it another try!

    Great! Let me just back my truck up to your door and empty all the money I’ve worked so hard to earn over a lifetime.


    - Is it a scam? You be the judge.

    - Is it a business? Yes.

    - Do they want your money? Yes.

    - Does Ashley Camden misrepresent herself (through omission)? Yes.

    - Do they give you false hope? Yes.

    - Do they care if your son or daughter has any real talent? No.

    - Do music companies need a $5,000.00 recording before they will consider your son or daughter's potential as an artist on their label? Absolutely not.


    Look to your own backyard. There are good local music producers who will record your son or daughter for as low as $250.00 - with no travel expenses! Search Google for music producers in your area and then check Craigslist under "musicians."

    For even more information (and references), contact:

    Association of Music Producers


    I’m sure they would be quick to offer an opinion on the sales practices (YouTube “discoveries” of young children) employed by Skyler Lexx, and his wife, Ashley Camden.

    Finally, $5,000.00 (plus travel and accommodation expenses) will buy you a lot of lessons, music equipment, and recordings by highly skilled music producers in your own city. Do you really want to drop this money on Skyler Lexx “Music Producer” and his wife, Ashley Camden of BelAir Talent? I mean, really, who is this guy besides someone who is going to rent Paramount Recording Studios - with your money!!!

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