Have any of your 11:11 wishes come true? If so, what was it?

That is, of course, assuming you wish on 11:11. If not, feel free to ignore this question with disdain, and accept my deepest apologies.

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  • I wish on 11:11 all the time, it’s kinda my obsession!

    11 is my favorite number, btw(:

    I’ve wished for a ton of things on 11:11.

    I wished that me and my boyfriend (before he was) would be together, and now we are!

    The one I want the most, hasn’t come true: my dad’s fiancee to move out and they break up and cancel the wedding.

    I wish big, haha.

  • Do 11 11 Wishes Come True

  • Nope. It never happens to me. But, wishing on fountains really work. When I was little, I was the weird child, who no one likes. I was lonely in elementary school. After a while, I would go by this fountain near my house, and wish that I had friends. When I entered middle school, I was surprised when it actually came true. If you wish hard enough, it will come true. 11:11 does not work. Some people may have claimed that it’s real, but not get me.

  • The only time my wishes come true on 11:11 is when I don’t plan on it , sometimes I randomly look at a clock and its 11:11 those ones usually come true , it can’t be like an extreme wish like “I win the lottery tommrow” those Just don’t ever happen. I wished that when I got my braces on it wouldn’t beer after and it didn’t , anyway so don’t plan it then it may come true

  • YES!!!

    September 29th 2016 my niece asks me what time it is on nightwatch with Grandpa and it was 11:11 p.m.. I did not know this was wishing time but my niece told me to make a wish so I wished for the angels to take Grandpa to Heaven peacefully. Half hour later her and I were helping Grandpa out of this world and I’m so grateful I was there holding his hand. As we’re in Michael’s looking for photo board decorations my son yells out two hours behind me mom look at the swans lol are you kidding me they’re even 40% off Grandpa knows I’m broke. The same day Grandpa was seeing these swans my boyfriend was Miles Away hearing swans on the lake and never heard them before. My birthday October 11th I chose a tarot reading on YouTube 4 twin flames and the number for if I don’t remember what card represented 11:11 and she told my whole entire story. It was like she did the reading just for me. Noticed my birthday is the 11th?

  • It was late July and I still had an iPhone 4!

    So at 11:11, I wished to get an iPhone 6 before school started. When it was the last week of summer break, my mom took me to Verizon to get her phone fixed. After it got fixed, my mom was in a good mood and bought me an iPhone 6!

  • I wish on 11:11 every single time I notice that it’s 11:11. Which, I almost look at the clock at that exact time, almost every night.. lol.

    I can’t remember if any of my 11:11 wishes have ever come true, lol.

  • i got dumped by a guy 2 months ago and we stopped talking for about a month and a half until i made an 11:11 wish one night wishing that me & him will start talking and become friends again and BOOM. it came true and now were talking again. so weird.

  • My 11:11 wish was wasted on the person who’d never come to me.


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