Have you ever broken anything made of glass?

9 Answers

  • Sure. Many times. Plates, Drinking glasses, especially good wine glasses. 

    It’s hard to sweep up all the little pieces. You think you got it all, but 5 months later, there still one or two.

  • Yes, I have hun.

  • A couple of jars, a drinking glass and a lightbulb. 

  • Well sure, who hasn’t.

  • Yes. The most recent was a few weeks ago when I accidentally knocked a stained glass jewelry box off my dresser, and part of it broke. It wouldn’t have broken if I had carpet in my bedroom.

  • Many things.                 

  • Yep I have a few times by accident whoops no mirrors though 😜 also once at work things that luckily are not glass but just as badly broken in pieces! 🙄🙈🤦‍♀️

  • Yes I have once, when I was a kid.

  • Yes. I have broke quite a few glasses while washing up. Scrubbed the buggers too hard.

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