Have you ever had 2 children of different ages be the same weight?

Just curious as my one granddaughter Zoey who is 17 months old (14 months adjusted age) weighs 18 pounds and my grandson Christopher who is 4 months old also weighs 18 pounds.

Zoey is taller than Christopher is, she is 29 inches while he is 26.75in. Zoey is very tiny for her age both from being premature and from not eating a lot (she is getting help for her eating through feeding therapy)

4 Answers

  • Me personally? No. I have one child. But that one child has two cousins who were larger, at 4 months, than she was at 2 years. They were very big for their age — she was tiny.

  • Seriously?

  • You have a very weird obsession with comparing kids to your imaginary grandkids.

  • Yeah. My son was 13 and weighed 105 pounds as did my sister’s 5-year old daughter.

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