Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful you started crying?

I know it sounds weired but once I saw this redhead and I just froze right there and tears came to my eyes she was the most beautiful creature I ever saw, what's the reason behind that?

7 Answers

  • Um... being a girl...and not lesbian or anything... ive seen many beautiful women that make my heart light up...but not cry lol.

    Unlike other girls i dont tend to get jealous either.

    But then they 'sting like a bee' and they arent so pretty nomore

  • That's so sweet. Well, I'm a woman myself, but I know what it is to see beauty (in both males and females) and how overwhelming it can be.

  • I didn't cry, but I couldn't move...she was a vision of absolute beauty.

  • yea when i was looking at the love of my life

    this was all before i found out that she was a whore that was cheating on me behind my back

  • Hahaha, no and i will never do it.

  • Dunno. Ask her. And yes I've seen a beautiful woman crying.

  • NO

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