Have you ever thought of running for Congress or President?

I see so many people on yahoo answers complain with how much they hate the current politicians in office. So that makes me wonder, why not just run yourself so you can do things your way?

Have you ever thought about potentially running for the House of Representatives, Senator, or President before?

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  • The cream does not rise to the top in politics..You must do too many things, starting with fundraising that compromise your integrity..There are too many darned if you do, darned if you don’t decisions to be made. You must be careful not offend the wrong person(s), so you can’t say what you really think. You have to kiss the right stuff (not talking bout babies)

  • It would not improve the system because there are corrupt insiders who are in charge, and lobbyists who make the decisions for Congress and for the people.

  • Nobody would vote for me for Congress.

    I’m a Republican in suburban Los Angeles.

    I don’t want to deal with all the stress of being president, but good thing other republicans wouldn’t mind running to Make America Great Again (Trademark) So that’s alright.

  • no

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