Have you ever written a check before ?

11 Answers

  • Yes, many times. Less often in recent years though.

  • No, I haven’t hun.

  • Oh yes, many of them.

  • Never              

  • I have written hundreds of checks over the years.

  • Of course, I was around before debit cards and internet banking back when everything was either cash or check.

  • I write them each month.  There’s one in an envelope on my desk waiting to be mailed.  In an envelope.  With a stamp.

  • Yes but not in around 14 years now

  • When I was younger I did

  • Yes, I have written hundreds of cheques (UK spelling) in the past but now only use one or two a year. Mostly I pay bills online by direct bank transfer and buy things by credit car that I pay-off online..

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