He stares at me but has a girlfriend?

There is this guy who my friend catches staring at me a lot and for long periods of time. On top of that, my friend overheard him tell his friend that I’m hot and he would tap that.. Do all guys do and say these kinds of things even if they have a gf???

I like him but he rejected me a few months ago.

1 Answer

  • First off if a guy talks about you like that then he doesn’t respect you. If he would have just left it at saying you were hot, that is one thing but saying that he would tap that shows that he is interested in one thing only, and in the event that you two did hook up, he would probably not stick around once he got what he wanted. And guys that have GF’s should never talk like that, and if they do then it shows their true colors and paints a pretty good picture of who they are.

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