Head rush/dizziness as a strange philosophical experience?

Okay, so this has been happening to me for some years now.

It happens to me when I go from sitting to standing, or when I’m doing yoga and I go from a low position to a higher one. I will get dizzy, have to close my eyes and sit or bend down. A normal head rush. But the weird part is that sometimes while I’m “blacked out” my body will start shaking, or sometimes just my knees. And I feel fully conscious, like a witness of myself in that moment. And I’ll often have a philosophical thought, for example I’ll just say something like “fear is not real”. Or sometimes I say a number in my head, most recent it’s been 77. And it’s like involuntary.

Maybe the weirdest part is that I love the feeling. It’s like I finally see life for what it really is in those moments. Then some seconds later my normal thoughts come back.

Can ANYONE explain or even relate to this. Nobody I’ve asked has ever had an experience like this.

2 Answers

  • Sir / Mam,

    It sounds like a condition l had, the doctor

    at the time called it postural hypotension

    in otherwords low blood pressure on standing.

    And l could be wrong, and l am not a doctor

    so please consider my views as being wrong ok.

    See your Doctor instead thanks.

    best of science


    source:) Personal experiance with either

    similar or same condition, that a doctor can


  • Everyone gets that

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