Heavy is the head that wears the crown?

What crown is this quote referring to? Does it mean god must have a huge, giganic head in order to hold up his heavy crown? Does it mean god is drunk?

Help please.

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  • Peace and blessings be upon you.

    For kings :Don't wear a heavy crowns ,from gold and precious stones ,live as your nations ,for vanity not to take you.

  • Wisdom is heavy. Yes, the truth shall set you free, however, truth is very painful and it is never bad news. What I mean by "truth" goes beyond a religious Jesus or no God thing.

    For me, it was realizing that my bff coming over and offering me pipe to get high. What a very cool friend? Right? Wrong. That was the worst person in the world, not my friend, and the truth of that was painful. And the subsequent fallout was painful.

    [I was taught that the weight of Wisdom comes from the weight of heavy chains, and not a crown]

    There are many crowns that can be earned. But since there is no tears, disease, or pain in heaven, the weight means not.

  • It's got nothing to do with God, at least, where it is originally uttered, in Henry IV, Shakespeare : "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" is the original text, widely misquoted (thanks due to another Yahoo answerer).

    It seems like a play on words: wearing a crown while sleeping is bound to be uncomfortable, and the burden of leadership is also nerve-wracking.

    Trying to apply theology to that original statement is kinda weird - it would imply that God is burdened by anxiety over his reign, which he couldn't possibly be, since he has the foresight to know all.

  • It's a misquote! The true line is "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown," and it's deom Shakespeare's " Henry IV, Part Two"

  • It is not a reference to religion at all. It means that Earthly kings carry a heavy burden to lead their people. A crown signifies leadership. Leadership and responsibility make men hang their heads because it is overwhelming. no reference to God here, at all.

  • Replace "heavy" with "uneasy" and read the passage in context of the Shakespeares play Henry IV and you have your answer. The meaning is fairly obvious.

    I am assuming that you knew this was from Shakespeare and you couldn't resist dragging God into this humanistic principle for chuckles.

    Funny thing about it is that some Christian neophytes actually tried to defend God without knowing whether this is in the Bible or not. I am sure that you had mondo chuckles over this but just be certain about one thing...no matter what it is that you rehearse to tell God in case he turns out to be real, you simply will not be able to say it....you certainly will not chuckle...and then eternity begins.

    Good luck


  • Having the most responsibility is difficult, and dangerous, as many other people seek the crown for themselves.

  • Someone who takes up a crown of leadership must be held accountable for all of his followers sins and misdoings and so it becomes a heavy burden to accept faults for the many.

  • the crown refers to the crown of thorns Jesus wore, and heavy refers to the big burden of dying on the cross

  • that means that obstacles and adversity plus persecution come full force against a man willing to see past this world using faith to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior.God knew it would be people like you that would not get a divine understanding of the bible.So you and others like you weigh our crown down.

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