Help analyzing katherine in Journey to the Day by Roger Hirson… In order to be able to act it out better?

Here’s the monologue: KATHERINE: He needed us…he needed our love and we shut him out. You told me to shut him out and I did.

And that day he called on the phone and said how near Christmas was and could he come to see us and you said no he was drunk as usual and he said if he couldn’t see his little girl near Christmas time it wasn’t worth living and you said “stop threatening when you don’t mean it” and he said “I do mean it and I’m going to kill myself.”

You believed him enough to hand me the phone, Mama, and say “I’m going to run next door and call the police, I know where he is” and then you said “Now don’t talk to him just hold the phone so he knows I haven’t hung up, but don’t talk to him because he’s drunk as usual and I don’t want him talking to you in that condition. No telling what he might say.”

And I held the phone and heard him say “Is there anyone there? If there is anyone please speak to me…Is that you? Darling? If it’s you, please speak to me. Just one word so that I know I am still in your heart because I love you no matter what I have done or what I have been. I love you, please speak to me for the love of God…”

And then the sound, not loud at all, just like the breaking of a pencil…

(Katherine screams)

Just a little sound, not loud at all.

And I held on to the phone just like you said, Mama and a little later the pounding on the door and then the voices of the people and the voice that said “Be careful of his head. Don’t move him.”

And I held on to the phone, Mama, and when you came back to the house I was still holding on to the phone.

And I never said one word to him, Mama, I never said one word.

***If you can offer insight on how to say certain lines, commentary etc. please let me know! Thanks

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  • If you can’t connect with it, get rid of it, audiences can spot a fake.

    All the best 🙂

  • Roger Hirson

  • The steroids issue is big with Clemens. Even if that wasn’t the case, they are still real close. Maddux will definitely pass him in wins, and likely by double digits by the time it is all said and done. I always loved the way Maddux pitched, and how he made batters wonder “how the heck did he get me out?” Okay, so tossing aside the steroids stuff, I still say Maddux is the better PITCHER, though Clemens is the better THROWER and has better stuff. How’s that?

  • I agree! If hounding feel right playing Katherine then find another character/monologue. You have to be able to feel the character in order to portray them right.

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