HELP! I don’t want to go to high school!

Ok, well im going into high school this year and i really dont want to. Middle school was hard enough, i hate getting made fun of, everyone hates me and it will just get worse because there are more people in high school. and to make matters much worse its one of the biggest schools in the state. ive tried thinking of ways out, like getting arrested and going to juvie, or putting myself in the hospital, or getting into a fight so they will put me in alta, or maybe even suicide, really, i cant take these people putting me down every second of every day. please please please help me.

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  • High School was rough for me too. Here was my solution, I hope it helps you too. It’s not easy, but I promise it is totally effective! Go to school and work hard. Not like just hard enough to pass, but real real hard. People are going to pick on you, tease you, and yes it will not be easy, but you just mind your business and make sure to excel in your schoolwork. It seems like forever, but the next few years will pass, and you will have an opportunity to attend college, where I assure you things are WAY different! People that have it rough in high school are always amazed at how much different it is here at college than it was back there. This is largely due to many of those jerks that bugged us the most have been left behind. Lots of them didn’t even make it into college anyway. Anyway, I know it’s way down the road, but keep working hard in college and follow your dreams there. I did. I have a High School reunion coming up in 2011 and I can’t wait to go. Lots of those idiots that used to bug me and make my life miserable are working menial jobs and still living in their mom and dad’s basᴇмᴇɴt. By that time I will have earned my Ph.D. I also forgot to mention I met a wonderful woman here at college. We’re not enɡɑɡed yet, but I suspect we will be, and maybe even married by then. She is looking forward to meeting the people I spent HS with too. You just keep plugging, and I promise that you are going to find the social dynamics you’re currently emersed in will do a 180. Just don’t give up! It’s way too awesome a thing to miss!

    Source(s): B.A. Psychology, UMaine, Phi Beta Kappa Ph.D. student, Behavioral Neuroscience, UMaine Former H.S. Outcast
  • Omg this is really awful ! NOBODY should be made to feel like this. The fact you’re considering getting yourself arrested, hurt, and even killing yourself is a sign that you NEED to tell somebody ! I know you’re probably sick of hearing this but seriously tell a parent or relative about this; they may be able to help/switch schools for you. I live in the UK so i don’t really know the difference between middle and high school, but i really am sure that it won’t be too bad. If your high school is the biggest in the state then im assuming its verrrry big, and therefore FULL of different people. So there will be tonnnesss of people who probably feel the same as you. My advice to you is BE STRONG ! The main reason why people get picked on is because the bullies themselves, no matter how strong they claim to be, are WEAK and INSECURE, and feel the need to pick on others in order to make themselves feel powerful. Just remember this. Also, maybe you could try a different approach.. say if someone calls you a name, the honest best thing to do about it is just to LAUGH IT OFF; trust me it works EVERYTIME and gets the bullies so wound up ! For example say if they called you a ‘geek’ you respond with a laugh and just go "yeah i know, so ?". No matter how hurtful what they are saying is just keep responding back to them and let them know that they CANNOT mess with you ! Anyway im rambling on a bit here, but what i’m basically trying to say is don’t worry – seeing as your starting a new school and its a new term/semester (whatever you call it), TONNES of people are gonna be in the exact same boat as you, and will be much more friendlier and willing to be nice to everyone. Therefore this is your perfect time to fit in, mix with people, and make a good set of friends. Good luck, stay strong – trust me you’ll be fine. DO NOT throw your precious life away because of some STUPID, ARROGANT, IMMATURE KIDS who feel the need to pick on you to make themselves feel better.. you have your whole life ahead of you please do not waste it ! Hope i’ve helped hun x

  • You made it through Middle School, you can make it through high school. Like you said it’s a big place. So no matter how bad ppl may treat you, there is going to be someone thats get treated worse but they deal with it.

    Juvie is horrible, hospital bills add up and suicide is just stupid. If ppl don’t like you for you then F them. They just need to put ppl down to make themselves look good.

    Best thing to do is go after the leader of the lil group and beat them like they stole something. If you can’t fight good, make sure they know you aint scared. And believe me you WILL make friends to help you out. No matter how many other ppl hate you.

    P.S. make friends in high places such as the security guards. I did, and I got away with alot of bull lol. Aw high school was fun and I hope it’ll be the same for you.

  • Wow, first of all, try to relax. Thousands and thousands of people have felt just like you and lived through it. You will, too. Sometimes it helps to think about all the people who have already survived high school. I think juvenile hall or the hospital would be a whole lot worse. Actually, high school can be fun if you just get involved in stuff. Join whatever activity you enjoy. It could be sports, or writing for the newspaper or joining the theater club or the computer club. You will meet people there who share your interests and will become your friend.

    Don’t waste time worrying about being part of the popular crowd or caring about what they think. Fortunately they probably won’t even notice that you exist, so just do your own thing.

    If you act like a dork and try to hide out in the corner of the cafeteria, you won’t make friends. Once the first week is over and you’ve got it figured out, you’ll do just fine.

  • Trust me, everything changes in High School. Become become more mature and less reliable on everyone else; people are generally more independent. Don’t let teasing ruin your future because who knows, you may soon have a better and more successful life than those bullies. And most likely, you will meet new friends who will see you as who are you are. There are many people at this high school, you’re bound to find people you like, and who likes you for you as a person.

    By the way, if you’re so intimidated by bullying, consider talking to your parents, and maybe try transferring schools, though you have to know that there are mean people everywhere; it’s the way you deal with it that shows if you’re a true victim or not. Good luck 🙂

  • I know going into high school is nerve racking, and not having a good middle school experience isn’t helping, but you have to realize that they are not the same and you do have a chance to make the most of it. More than likely there are other kids who are just entering high school and feel the same exact way. Make friends with just one person who you get along with and forget about all the other losers who don’t have anything better to do with their lives. Don’t try to get yourself into juvie, or the hospital, or god don’t even think about suicide, it will only make things worse, ( and yes, even suicide, it majorly affects EVERYONE who has basically ever spoken to you, trust me.) I know this sounds like a loser thing to do, but go to your guidance consular, don’t worry they can’t disclose info about you and you will feel a lot better afterwards just talking to someone. Don’t worry, I’m sure high school will not be as bad as you think or at least not as bad as middle school. Good Luck 🙂

  • High School is a part of life. You thought you couldn’t make it out of middle school, right? But you did! You are about to make the next step in your life. One that will change and make an impact in your life. Your high school career will allow you to make friends, have boyfriends, and create your passage way to college and after that.

    Honey, you are worried that people are going to make fun of you…because of how it was in middle school…and that there are just so many people—and it’s going to be worse. Let me tell you something, people mature…and they don’t play those baby games anymore. First off, all the underclassmen get picked on by seniors…just because they think they rule the school. However, that will last for like a week then they will be too caught up in there own life. People in high school really don’t play around like that anymore–they grew up.

    One advice I could give you…just don’t get into the wrong crowd. Make a good number of close friends—good kids. Thats all you need. Who cares if you are not the most popular girl in school…you will be popular to your friends, and thats all that matters.

    Talk to people, make friends. Get good grades and study. Get involved with things.

    Of course in high school…you will have your heart broken, someone will say soemthing to hurt your feelings, you will get embarassed, etc. But it happens to EVERYONE.

    Don’t let people stop you from experiencing something you have a right to…you will get through it…trust me, time flies!

    Best of luck!

  • High school is literally a new start, everything starts over. High School isn’t that hard if you don’t put your mind to it. You should just study hard. Don’t try to get out of it because then you just hurt both yourself and your parents because they believe that they were unable to be good parents, and if hurts them deeply. Never drop out of high school because one, you’ll probably be kicked out of your home and two, you screw up your life, and you hurt your parents. People making fun of you, just put the though in your mind on how bad they’ll turn out when they’re older because they spent more time being jerks than caring about education.

  • High School is not really as bad as all the movies and media make it look. Just don’t do anything to make yourself too noticeable and have a few close friends.

  • awww hun, no problems are ever serious enough to consider suicide.

    some options:

    *have you tried talking to your parents or a school counselor?

    *maybe have your parents consider home school…its possible except for your senior year.

    *maybe boarding school in europe


    *move in with some out of state or county relatives

    *self confidence goes a long way. stand up to then. just say the things you guys say are hurtful and i dont have to put up with it.

    good luck =]

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