Help my get rid of my ringworm for good?

I have ringworm I have had it for about three weeks & once I found out it was I used Lotrimin Ultra cream & it made then just like scar looking things, & I don’t know they all are still there really, & some of the older ones have these red dots in them.

About a week after when they all started peeling I thought they were gone so I stopped treating them. Then I got about five more now some of the newer ones are looking better then the old ones

I started used the water bleach mixture & it doesn’t seem to be working I don’t know what to do.

I have them in all places my legs have about five, then my upper body about three.

Two little ones on my face. & Four on my arms.

I don’t know what to do PLEASE HELP!

9 Answers

  • Lamasil or Lotrimin work really well… I used to get rw when I wrestled in high school.wash/dry/apply Lotrimin and bandage. It will go away…

  • When I had ringworm on my face, I had no idea whtat to do either! In fact, I had ringworm for about 3 or 4 weeks before I knew what I had to do to get rid of it. I used Calamine lotion and everything and I still couldn’t get rid of it! Anyway, someone recommended that I use bleach. I didn’t like the idea, but I did it anyway! I used bleach and water and it actually worked! It didn’t go away in a few days, but in about 2 weeks or so, my ringworm was actually dying and you could actually see it die because it will start to look darkish looking. Kinda like it has no life left in it! Anyway, once I did that I got rid of my ringworm. A lot of people have no idea that the bleach and water thing actually works, but it does. My advice to you is to keep using the bleach and water method. It will go away in due time! It is way better than doing nothing! Just don’t go to the doctor and have them treat it because their medicine has been known to make ringworm worse. Remember the doctors have to make their money too, and the longer you have ringworm the longer you can go to the doctors for treatment! So just use that method, they will go away soon because I am a living witness to that method. My ringworm is gone and hasn’t come back yet, and probably never will! By the way, when you use the bleach and water method don’t just use any kind of bleach! You should use Clorox Bleach, it is way more effective! Also, your ringworms will turn into scabs over time. When they turn into scabs they will start to peel automatically over time. When they have peeled it will still have some of the ringworm fungus underneath, so keep using the bleach and water treatment even after the scab has peeled off because then you can really get down to the root of the problem! This time it won’t come back as a scab, but it will leave a mark on your face. But you will be able to tell that it’s dead! After it dies if you want to get rid of the spot, I recommend cocoa butter. The cocoa butter should get rid of the ringworm spot!

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  • My mama said back in the day their mom use to use bleach to get rid of it but my son have a ringworm in his head been having it for 3months n the meds the dr prescribed isn’t wrking so I asked my sister in law who is a pharmacy tech she told me to get lotrimin af n no lie it really works

  • Lotrimin Ultra

  • BLEACH?!?!?!


    Ringworm is fungal. Try athlete’s foot medication like tetrafebine hydrochloride (lamasil AT) or clotrimazole.

  • use athletes foot medicated cream but also was with nazol shampoo (i think that is the spelling) it will keep it from spreading also let the spot where the ringworm breath and expose it to sunlight. and don’t touch it that is how it spreads

  • why in the fuucckk would you use bleach?

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