HELP Please! : A roll of paper towels is wound around a hollow cardboard tube.?

The cardboard tube in the middles of the roll has an outside radius of 2.4 cm. The thickness of the paper is 0.4mm. The sequence of distances of the loops of paper away from the center is the following:

a(1)1, a(2)1, a(3)1, a(4)1, a(5)1 &= 2.40, 2.44, 2.48, 2.52, 2.56, &

What is the radius of the 95th loop of paper, starting from center?

A)6.12 cm

B)6.16 cm

C)6.20 cm

D)6.08 cm

1 Answer

  • the radius of the 95th loop of paper is the radius of the cardboard tube plus the thickness of the 94 layers of tp before the 95th layer


    r = 2.4 + 94(0.04) = 6.16 cm

    note that you must convert 0.4 mm to 0.04 cm

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