Help when should I start packing or already organizing what I want to keep or toss ?

So about 1 year ago I filled out an app for public housing for a high rise for people that are disabled . I got a letter few days ago saying that i am nearing the top of the list [ yay ], they want to update my file . Also want a letter or email from my current landlord on how long I have lived here & if I paid rent on time every Time [ which I have ] . Proof of my ebt cash and SSI. They want to make sure it’s the same and if I am still on it . Then at the bottun of the letter it says ‘re will cann you when it is time to move , do not give a 30 notice to your landlord until Public housing calls. They want all these forms comoletee by the 30th or else ny name will be removed from the list. So my question is will it be much longer? When should I start cleaning out my apartment when I am now etc. Thx , it is my first time having public housing so I have no ideal how this goes.

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  • I agree with Donald B. You don’t necessarily have to start packing now, but use this time to have a good clear out to get rid of things you no longer want or need. When the time does come to pack, it will be so much easier. Plus you will find it easier to box things up as you will know what you have and where it needs to go. You might end up clearing out more things as you pack as you will have had time to consider all those items you aren’t sure you want to get rid of or keep.

  • Start throwing stuff away now. It take longer than you think to move.

  • It can be longer because not only do you have verify your qualification, they need to find a place for you. And anything dealing with the government moves at a snails pace. So hold off on the packing until after you receive notice its time to give your present landlord a 30 day notice.

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