How big is the average freshman football player in highschool?

I know they dont get much game time, lol, but im hopin to play next year, all my friends say I shuld, and im one of the biggest guys at my school, but its a small school, so idk if im actually big enough, im 5’8″ and 180lbs

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  • ima freshman to and im 5’10 about 155. Ima safety though. so it depends on your position. if your lookin to be a lineman than you should be pretty good. gotta be strong for it though. its tough cuz alot of kids are big as well. ESPECIALLY on varsity haha those kids are big.

  • Height and weight can range wildly depending on where you are, environmental factors can affect certain aspects of the human body. A “normal” freshman would be anywhere from 5’6” to 6’2”. Obviously some people would be smaller or bigger. Weight would also be anywhere from 135lbs-180lbs. So called “beasts” would be thexceptionon to the norm. In other words, it depends on which position you are going for. BUt overall yes, most likely.

  • big average freshman football player highschool

  • yeah i think ur big enough when i played for the freshman football team for a highschool that had around 4000 students when i was 5-5 and it wasnt a long time ago im still a freshman almost a sophmore u will be fine

  • If you have any speed and elusiveness and really want to star on offense I would say halfback. Leg drive goes a long way and from what you are saying you have plenty of it. Defensively I its up to you. You could play anywhere from linebacker to safety. Depends on how you hard you workout. You might be done growing either so who knows.

  • of course you should at least try im only 5 7 and 145 i play tailback and linebacker go far it

  • size, weight, speed, and other traits depend on what position you play.

    based on your features, but based on your height/weight you can play a little runningback, but you have to gain some muscle speed, etc.

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