how can i ask this girl if she wants to hook up with me?

ive known her for a long time and shes always hinting on ꜱɛҳ and hooking up when im with her. i just dont know how to initiate it and ask her if she wants to hook up. i really want to but i dont know what to do.

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  • Like any normal person, you ask her out on a date, then see where it goes from there...

    Most people aren't dumb enough to say: "Hey, wanna go screw?"

  • Well, I don't know what you mean by "hook-up" if you're meaning ꜱɛҳ, then you don't really ASK the person. You can't just say "Hey! Let's hook up." Yeah, life doesn't work that way 😛 ..but I believe it's a heat-of-the-moment kinda thing. It has to be set at the right mood, and it just happens. If you're meaning "hook-up" like boyfriend/girlfriend kinda thing..then I suggest you take her out on a date, somewhere nice and let her know how much you like her for herself and make her feel good :]

  • Theres a fantastic trick to doing this - and by the way, me and my best friend agree that the worst turnoff is when the guys asks a lame question like 'can i kiss you?" or "do you want to kiss me?"

    Ok, when you are together alone and you are wanting to do this, just begin flirting with her for starters. Warm her up, if she is not already suggesting playfully that you two go and have a bonk. Laugh and make little smart comments about things that she says, get her laughing no matter what. Ok, when things are lightening up, this is what you do.

    You make sure that you are close enough to kiss her and smile at her, HOLD HER GAZE.

    As you stop smiling, look at her lips, then back at her eyes, then down to her lips, and back up at her eyes. This creates on of those moments that you see on movies, when two lovers lock eyes.

    You can take this wherever you want to, lean in for a kiss or if it has worked, she will already have done so herself.

    Good luck mate!!! =D

  • You really should show her some respect. Ask her out. Enjoy each other's company. If both of you have feelings or want more than just to hang out with each other, then your advances will be received and returned. That's how you'll know.

  • If you want only ꜱɛҳ, no real relationship, and you think she wants the same, you can kinda make those same ꜱɛҳ jokes/hints back and if she responds well to them (no fake laughs, weird looks, or slaps in the face) then you can kinda tell if she really does want that, or a relationship, or is just trying to be cool

  • Dont!

    I dont think you shud say anything. I mean if she wants to have ꜱɛҳ with you. Maybe you should start off doing something while you guys are alone and see does she stop you or tell you she dont like it. But if she doesnt say anything or do anything then Thats better than words...Action are anyways!

  • Offer her booze so she don't have to take responsibility for her choices. That what most cheap hores want when they are horney.

    By the way, safe ꜱɛҳ is ꜱɛҳ with a woman that you and her would want to be the mother of the child if the BC failed.

  • be open and honest. I fear denial and rejection respect them. If she don't want it then she dont want it. If she does now you will know. Safe ꜱɛҳ is the best ꜱɛҳ.

  • Initiation




    your in the acusation stage go for it and move to consolidation

  • hang out at ur place or urs..

    start with holding hands..slow kissing on cheeks, move to lips..hands on ҍօ.օҍs..

    after a bit..hands down you go on our own mate

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