How can I bypass check engine light for emissions test?

My check engine light has just come on, I have a 2003 Ford Taurus. A friend tested it with a diagnotics and it says I have a low level leak around the gas cap. Can I bypass this somehow to pass my emissions test till after vacation.

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  • here is how the test is preformed

    first check that the light comes on when you turn on the ignition

    2nd see that it goes ofwhen you start the car

    3rd plug incomputer to see if any codes are tored in recent memory

    and 4th see if computer has recently been eraced f recent codes in the last 50 miles

    youcan only reset it with a scan tool dont try the discomect the batery thing it wont work anyway

  • Not going to happen! even if you clear the fault the vehicle will have to be driven until the computer has the chance to retest the system. But hey if the problem is intermitant you might get away with clearing the fault driveing the car a couple days and hopefully it doesnt come back. But if you clear fault and go directly to a smog shop the car will fail what is called the OBD2 test. It will need to be driven if your vehcle has a fault for an evap leak you might want to try replaceing your fuel cap

  • Yes, you can pull the battery cable, it does work. Pull the + side, wait about 5 mins. Turn on the key and push the brake pedal. Turn off key and put battery cable on. I have done this on several cars with success. I then drive about 50 miles and take it in for emmission check. the cars HAVE passed!! One time, I was driving away from the station and the light came back on, but I had my sticker and got through another year.I have since purchased an OBD reader to make it easier, and to read the codes to make repairs myself. I am a professionally trained mechanic who just thinks the emmissions stuff is just crap, so i find a way around it.

  • Black electrical tape over the light. Unless the problem is ongoing, it stays in the computer for around 200 miles I’ve been told. Try driving for a couple of hundred miles and it may go out on it’s own.

    Or, you could have the code checked to see what it is and have the light reset to off. That doesn’t mean it’ll stay off.

  • No, you can’t practically fool the emission’s center OBD-II code scanner which will flunk you. But don’t worry, they give you many chances to fix it over many months and you can bring it back several times in the process as long as you follow their procedures. Resetting the check engine light will not remove the actual error code from your computer, and even if the light isn’t on, you’ll still flunk the test:…

  • Why don’t you just buy a gas cap and be done with it. Or just do the test when you back from vacation. And to answer your question …NO! Pulling battery cable WILL NOT WORK. If it were a 1995 and older it might, but not on a 1996 and newer.

  • Pull the battery connection for a few minutes to reset it. Or go to Autozone and have them do it.

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