How can I encourage my girlfriend to gain weight?

Lately my girlfriend who I’ve been dating for over a year now has gained probably 30 lbs since we were first dating. To my own surprise though, I actually like the weight she’s gained. She’s a lot softer when we cuddle and with all the extra fat she has around her stomach, it makes me want to put my arms around her even more. I know, however, that she is not happy with her obvious weight gain and today when we were out shopping she tried on a tight shirt but said it made her look fat and then complained that she’d gained weight and no longer could wear these particular types of clothes. I could see that was very sad and I felt bad for taking pleasure in her now larger frame. She told me that she needed to go to the gym since we haven’t been in awhile and said that she was going to work extra hard this week.

I guess what I’m asking here is should I encourage her to stay the same weight that she is and help her see that she is beautify, or should I encourage her to loose weight?

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  • I see what you mean about well everything you described, but as your boy-friend you should do what’s best for her. You should help her see the beauty in herself and that outward appearance doesn’t matter, but at the same time still encourage her to lose weight. It’s healthier and it actually lengthens her life span. It’s good that you’re considering both sides of the “coin”, so to speak, but it’s best to take what’s best from both sides. You seem like a pretty good guy and enjoy what you can with your girlfriend, but to convince her that she is beautiful on the inside and that outward appearance doesn’t matter too much then you have to convince yourself fully, and be subtle about encouraging her to lose weight. I hope for the best for you and have a great life okay? 🙂 IM me if you have any other questions or just to talk, cya.

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  • I know her weight makes you happy but you also have to be aware that her weight does not make her happy. After all, at the end of the day she needs to be happy with herself. You could tell her that she doesn’t necessarily need to lose weight, but rather tone, that way she fits in more clothing. Express that you don’t find anything wrong with her current figure.

  • wow thats a first im glad u like her even with weight gain id tell her that u think shes so beatiful no matter what weight she is & tell her she isnt fat

  • Respect her for whatever makes her feel good about herself but let her know that at the same time you love her and her body.

  • Every girl want her to be slim and beautiful, I think you gf should not want to be fat. You want her to be fat, that is your willing, if you like her you should want her happy, so don’t be so selfish to deprive her right of being slim and beautiful. In my own opinion, as long as she is healthy, you should support her to be slim and beautiful.

  • I think that you should encourage her to do whatever she wishes to do, and just support her with what ever she wants, and tell her that she’s beautiful either way.

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