How can I keep blood from coagulating in a vial?

I plan on drawing my blood and storing it in a glass vial. How can I keep it from coagulating while in the vial? And what is the best method of inserting the blood into the vial without asking my doctor to draw it for me? Just a simple cut on the finger?

How can I keep blood from coagulating in a vial necklace without using heprin (its hard to get ahold of)?

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  • Use an orange and black striped topped Vaccutainer. it contains the correct amount of heprin. If you don’t draw the blood in a sterile manner, bacteria will most likely destroy the blood though.

  • Blood in a vial won’t coagulate because it’s a negative feedback process (I won’t go into it right here, it’s not important) what you should be worried about though is that blood left in a vial will separate into red hemoglobin and clearish serum, I don’t think that is what you are looking for in terms of necklace appearance.

  • I had one of these vial necklaces and I bought for my wife. I used a lance from a blood sugar test kit to draw blood from my fingertip and mixed it with a small amount of contact lens saline solution. It worked great and my wife often wears it. It s better and more personal than a locket with a lock of hair in it.

  • Well…there’s no way to keep it from coagulating unless you happen to have a tube with an anticoagulant in it (EDTA, Lithium Heparin, etc)…

  • Mix heparin or warfarin of it, they are anticoagulants, stop blood clots.

  • best method—slit your wrists…

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