how can i make a program run automatically windows startup?

like for example, i downloaded ‘touchmouse’ from logitech (which is pretty cool btw) and i also downloaded shairport 4w which allows me to play music from my iphone to my computer to my surround sound. the only problem im having is that when i turn my computer on, i have to press ‘allow’ or ‘yes’ or something to get the shairport running. how do i give the shairport program the permissions to automatically open without me having to press ‘yes’ or ‘allow’ can anyone help me??

2 Answers

  • if you are using win 7 turn off the user level security options are available type user access in search box and open the program and drag the bar to bottom

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  • MSCONFIG…and the selective start up application..

    Use your

    Write in msconfig


    …and check out those settings.

    Source(s): Selective Start-UP msconfig

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