how can i meet all time low at there concert?

im going to an all time low concert.and i really want to meet them and take a picture with jack and alex!! and make them sign my shirt 🙂

how do i do that?? where do i go??

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  • There’s some tickets you can buy for meet and greets.

    Also, you can go extremely early or stay extremely late, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to meet them since they’re getting bigger and All Time Low fans are crazy.

  • well they are really nice guys and want to meet every fan. actually if u post a video about them on youtube they will respond to you. they said fans come all over and drive really far and wait for hours just to see us that the least we can do for them is meet them.

    the thing is when a concert is at an indoor venue after the concert they do backstage and then go out the backdoor and get into there car.

    with an outdoor concert there is no backstage and they have to come of the stage from somewhere. i saw them at an outdoor concert in a parking lot at the mall. there was a bar all around the stage after they were on one side of the bar and fans on the other. they went all down the bar and spent at least 1 minuet with each fan. they were talking to them, hugging them, signing things, pictures, but then security said they had to leave so they couldnt make it to every fan and they apologied. then there car was in the middle of the parking lot. so they had to walk accross the parking lot and all the fan ran after them and were grabing them.

    sometime at concert the band will say we will be hanging out in the back of the room come say hi. ATL might do that. before they go through the front door. if u get there early enough u will see there van and u can run and say hi. they will be unloading there stuff

  • I’ve seen them 3 times so far and i’m about to see them for the fourth time in october (:

    After the concert stay late and they’ll come outside and meet their fans…

    but to warn you there are a LOT of girls there who want to see them it might take some time but it’s worth meeting those boys (:

  • get there early and wait for them to come on there carpet and then get in the front and hope for the best!

  • u dont

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