How can I open a small bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce?

10 Answers

  • run lid under hot water for a minute .

  • Oh man I know exactly what your talking about! I eat steamed rice all the time and Kikkoman soy sauce is a must for me. That little red cap has always pissed me off! >:O Lol. I've never been able to remove it, but I have purchased the medium size bottle so I can always refill it. : / I would just buy that one, it's not that much bigger. :]

  • run the top of the bottle under hot water

    or u can wrap it with a hot towel for a couple of minutes and try opening it then...if u still cannot get a strong guy to open it for ya !

  • The question wouldn't be asked if the answer wasn't solving a problem!

  • You can try opening the lid or unscrewing the cap of the bottle.

  • You have to be brutal and take a knife to remove the black plastic wrapper to get at the stopper.

  • Flip the lid!

  • Bite the top off

  • Hmmmmm......

    Interesting question.......



  • turn the top! I've never herd anything so stupid.

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