How can I open my .SAV files, with what programs, HELP!?

Well, my Stats teacher sent me this report thing we have to do and there are 3 documents to open but they are all this weird type of .sav file.. And I have no idea what program to open it with

Much help appreciated!!!

7 Answers

  • This is the only program I could find to open this file :

    It is created by the “IBM SPSS software” You can download it at…

    Otherwise it is just game save files and i don’t think your teacher would be sending you game saves…

    Here is what has to say about it:

    “Data file created by SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), an application used for statistical analysis; saved in a proprietary binary format and contains a dataset as well as a dictionary that describes the dataset; saves data by “cases” (rows) and “variables” (columns).”

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  • Sav File

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  • GNU PSPP is a free application that is functionally equivalent to IBM SPSS and fully capable of opening, editing, analysing and saving .SAV SPSS Statistics files. Learn more here:

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  • SPSS

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