How can I pass a drug test in 2-3 weeks?

I used to be a heavy weed smoker but I stopped smoking 3 weeks ago, I messed up and smoked a blunt 2 days ago and I have a to take a piss test in 2-3 weeks can I pass?

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  • Maybe. Despite the popularity of “cleansers” and whatnot, there isn’t a darned thing you can do to increase drug clearance to any significant degree. Trust to luck and try (this will be hard) NOT TO BE STUPID.

  • relax ,you wouldn’t have passed anyway! 🙂

    theres nothing you can do or take to help

  • The THC in Marijuana stays in your system and is stored in your fat cells, for at least 30 days, sometimes longer depending on your Metabolism. If you smoked 2 days ago and you have a drug test in

    2-3 weeks, there is No Way you will pass the drug test. You will FAIL and have to face the consequences. Nothing that you do or take is going to change the results. The only way you will pass a drug test, is not to do it at all.

  • Cranberry juice! Drink lots of it and it should help rid it from your system

  • nope — it takes 30 days for it to clear your body

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