How can I stick a fake mustache onto my face?

I don't have skin glue, tape doesn't work, and I am NOT stapling it on.

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  • You need to break down and get a ride to the store to get skin glue. If you can't find glue specifically for costumes, you can use "Eyelash Glue" used to hold artificial eyelashes on.

    You really don't have any other options.

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    Yes, you can use spirit gum. The trick is to apply it to the piece and put it in place on your face, then applying more spirit gum to your face where you see the glue residue. Let it dry to tacky ( a couple minutes) then press the mustache onto your face. It should hold pretty well, although sweat and movement may loosen the mustache. If possible, I'd avoid using a water-soluble spirit gum as sweat will wash it away. You can also use toupee tape (sold at theatrical makeup supply stores) for a quick temporary fix, but it won't hold up to lengthy wearing.

  • well at some toy machines you see at the store they have fake mustaches or just use regular glue it will come of just as easily as skin glue.

  • dont most come with adhesive? If not a party store should have some I think. Like special skin glue or something

  • Jack off into your hand and then rub your semen over your upper lip immediately. Then very quickly place your fake mustache onto your face and press on it for 30-60 seconds, or until semen is completely dry.

  • Fold over duct tape -so it's basically like double-sided tape.

  • Mustache Stick

  • crazy glue will work real good or try tree sap

  • double sided tape is strong.

  • Sorry, stapling's the only way.

    Don't worry, we all staple fake mustaches to our face. Duh.

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