How can I stop my extensions from getting frizzy?

I recently had human hair extensions put in, and they were silky and smooth when I left the salon, but I can’t seem to get that same look again. I have tried deep conditioning them, using a heat protectant spray, using leave in conditioner, using coconut oil, air drying, and blow drying with cool air. I bought all new brushes so that the bristles don’t make it worse. My natural hair is also frizzy no matter what products I use, but because it receives oil from my scalp, the frizziness doesn’t last long. Hair extensions don’t absorb this oil, so I get stuck with fluffy ends. Can anyone help?

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  • Apply a tiny bit of olive oil on your extensions like you would a leave in conditioner. Comb your extensions with a wide tooth comb to distribute oil evenly. If that doesn’t work, you may want to make sure you have 100% human hair and not a human hair blend. The unstoppable frizz can be a telltale sign for human hair/synthetic blend extensions.

    You can test your hair by burning a tiny bit of it, like any that’s been caught in your comb. If it burns to ashes, it’s human hair, if there is some bits that look like melted plastic, it’s not 100% human hair.

  • Frizzy Hair Extensions


    Sensationnel Premium Now is the better hair quality, the Premium Too is the less good hair quality of the brand. Now Milky Way is totally different and personally i would never buy this brand. I think the problem you are having is that you mixed two very different hair textures and they obviously do not blend together! You should have never accepted to purchase to very different hair brand which you had never tried before as i believe you could have saved yourself some money and time. The inevitable thing to do is to take out the hair: -either the Milky Way only and replace it with Premium Now (If you can distinguish both!) -or take out everything and avoid mixing brands… Note that this supposedly human hair they sell are not 100% real hair unlike Remi hair and others…therefore, it is very important not to mix brand especially for straight weave! It can get real messy.

  • You can go for these simple 4 steps: I use them to keep my extensions frizz free. You can also use them. So go for:

    1.) Comb your hair regularly with wide toothed Comb.

    2.) Spray hairspray on your extensions as you do on your real hair.

    3.) Wash your extensions weekly with a mild shampoo.

    4.) Apply anti-frizz serum to your extensions when it feels like excessive frizz.

  • i use a serum by paul micthell and it takes out ll my frizz…its amaizng…i use it everyday…i hope i helped in some way =)

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