how can i track a stolen MetroPCS phone? the GPS tracker feature is activated?

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  • If you know some one with a metro and the phone that is stolen is on theres a app called loopt it gives u the address aka the person who stole it is screwed

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  • Metro Pcs Phone Tracker

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    Ya know, when I first read your question, I thought yes and then no – I guess I have mixed feelings. But, the more I think about it, yes – I would probably track my child. I wouldn’t do it for lack of trust, but rather safety purposes. You hear about that little boy who wandered from his Arizona home a month or so ago and ended up dying? GPS would have saved him. That’s reason enough in itself to do it for a young child, not to mention WHAT IF something awful happened. There are A LOT of crazies out there, and if you knew exactly where your child was, you could help him/her BEFORE some awful tragedy happened. When my child was older, say 16 or so, I would only use it if he didn’t come home or something at the time he was supposed to. It’s nothing something that I’d use for spying, but for safety reasons.

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  • Metro Pcs Lost Phone

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