How can I tune a Bush combo tv without remote? I think you press two buttons-but which 2?

I have a Bush tv/video/dvd thing and lost remote. I have an indoor aerial box, a freeview box and the cable- what do i put where. And if i tune tv first-should i put cable between indoor arieal box and the tv, then how can i tune it? any ideas

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  • Without the model number it is impossible to answer as it varies – but all need a remote. Hold the MENU key down to access the TV Tuning menu. Once activated, the VOLUME +/-, PROGRAM +/- and STANDBY buttons are used. – Some TV’s also have a panel on the side or top that pops open that you might be able to use.

    Connect the freeview box to the TV and then the aerial to the freeview box. Then try tuning the TV

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