How can you determine where a letter was mailed from with no return address & only a partial postal stamp?

I received an "anonymous" letter and all I can read on the envelope is the city and date. Can it be tracked down?

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  • Sometimes... If it is a threatening letter the inspection service can sometimes use the pink barcode on the back to see where it was barcoded and if it were a matter of national securiety the can look at the addresses that went in before and after that letter and track it down to the city where it was dropped off. Usually the city is where it is postmarked.

  • somewhat, it somewhat is a particularly basic prepare. The USPS will attempt to furnish the letter and assemble postage from the receiver. Failing this, the letter is sent to a mail restoration middle, or "lifeless letter workplace". this is not "lost", as inundated believes. The USPS will make each and every attempt to furnish top notch mail. I somewhat have seen the main illegible, short-paid, poorly packaged, and badly addressed mail locate its suitable residing house. i've got even seen companies pay postage due out of their very own wallet. The USPS isn't obligated, although, to furnish something for loose. have faith me, there is not a postal worker accessible that hasn't seen this ruse tried a minimum of one thousand situations. probability is, you're able to never see this piece of mail lower back. the only way this would artwork could be in the experience that your handle is interior a similar city or is serviced via a similar facility because of fact the transport handle. considering those products are marked up via hand, it could certainly be observed if there have been greater desirable than considered one of them interior a quantity of time.

  • No. Although the letter was scanned when it was received at a central posting station, there will be no direct record of which carrier picked it up and where. Depending on the City name, you could identify what City and State but that's as far as you'll get.

  • You can't.

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