How can you fight global warming when the world population doubles every second?

I read on the computer that about 400,000 die everyday but about 800,000 are born. It seems insane to worry about emissions when you don’t consider what is causing the emissions.

According to UN Census figures, the number of births for 2005-2010 is expected to be 20.3 per year, per thousand people, averaged over the planet. The same figure for deaths from all causes is 8.5. So for each person that dies, 2.39 babies are born.

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  • Precisely.

  • Learn 6th grade math first, and then try learning basic science.

  • Denier math?

  • Sorry, there is nothing we can do that would work to prevent global warming.

    There are some that will say, “if everyone would just…”.

    But we know that “everyone” will not work together for any cause. That is wishful thinking.

    People will not give up burning fossil fuels because we very much like our cars, electricity, manufactured products, shipping, heating/cooling our homes etc.

  • I assume you are just exaggerating and already know the world’s population does not really “double every second”.

    Population certainly makes it a more difficult challenge, but there are ways of curbing global warming even with 9B population. There are dozens of ways to generate energy cleanly with very little or no effect on global warming. There is no law of nature that says an enormous population must always force a planet’s climate to change.

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