How did Dexter Morgan get his scar?

In season one of the show Dexter, Dexter has his shirt off and Cody asks where he got the big scar on his side. He says he was in a sword fight and he won. Obviously not the real story, so does it ever explain where he gets it? Because I think it's shown off in another few episodes.

5 Answers

  •​Dexter+Trivia one he got as a child )

  • Dexter Scar

  • Sheldon Cooper

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    Sheldon of course! He is so funny and I love The Big Bang Theory! I love the rest of the cast too! They just work so well off of each other!

  • He fell on an iron fence and was punctured by one of the rods when he was younger trying to get something from the other side.I think it was deb's ball or something if I'm not mistaken 🙂

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