How did Gary Kendall of the Jabbawokeez die?

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    Gary Ray Kendell passed away December 14, 2007, in Denver, Colorado. He lost his fight to pneumonia and meningitis, but lived a full and expressive life as a dancer, teacher, director, producer, and entertainer. Gary was born November 7, 1970, to Franklin and Kisun Kendell and was raised in Seaside, California. In 1990, he took his dancing from the streets into the studio as a Hip Hop teacher at All The Right Moves in Santa Cruz. Later he went on to teach regularly at Motion Pacific and provided workshops at DanceCenter and DanceSynergy.

    Gary taught at dance studios and performed at events throughout the United States and around the world. Most recently, in November 2007, Gary taught Hip Hop dance to hundreds of students in the Republic of Estonia. Over the years he was a member/director of numerous professional dance groups including Jughead, MindTricks and Jabbawockeez. The past ten years found Gary spending time producing, directing, and traveling with Monster Shop Bumpin' and BreakShop, dance productions designed for County and State Fairs around the United States. These productions also toured China.

    Locally, he founded several dance troupes including the Boom Squad, Boom Boys, City Heat, and the Flava Unit. He participated in dozens of benefit performances and teaching activities in the Santa Cruz community such as various County Parks & Recreation afterschool programs, First Night Santa Cruz, A Gɑץ Evening in May, Moving Mountains benefit for women with ʙʀᴇᴀsт Cancer, National Dance Week, AIDS Walk kick-off event, Free Mumia rallies at UCSC, Kwanzaa celebrations, and the Monte Foundation Fireworks show. In 2001, Gary was a recipient of the esteemed Calabash Award Honoring Excellence in the Ethnic Arts, from the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz, due to his vast contributions to the community.

    For almost 2 decades Gary served as an ambassador of Hip Hop Culture to the Santa Cruz area. Many boys, girls, men, and women from varied walks of life have been escorted down the path of rhythm with Gary as their interpreter. His warmth, his fun, and his care-free, energetic expression engendered his students with self love and a sense of community. He succeeded in opening the hearts & minds of thousands of students to the beat of Hip Hop music.

    Gary leaves behind his mother, Kisun Kendell of Yuma, Arizona, his brothers Ronnie Kendell and David Kendell, and hundreds of friends and students who love him like a brother.

    "To the lives you touched, to the rhythms you followed, to the footsteps you left behind, and to the talent that will never be forgotten. Here's to a beautiful life lived. We love you Gee. We will miss you. Dance for us in Heaven."

  • Gary Gee Kendall

  • Gary Kendall

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    How did Gary Kendall of the Jabbawokeez die?

  • Gary Ray Kendell passed away December 14, 2007, in Denver, Colorado. He lost his fight to pneumonia and meningitis.

    He was suppose to be the 7th member of the American Best Dance Crew Team, The JabbaWockeeZ..

    Throughout the show, they contributed their dance moves, and their hard work to him.

    If you watched, they did a performance called, The Red Pill, and at the end they point their hands up to the sky for Gary.

    Thank Y'all And Have A Blessed Day~!~!~!~

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    He had cancer.

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