How did immigrants lure their families and friends to America?

A)They told them about the religious and political freedoms in the United States.

B)They settled in cities where their friends and relatives would feel at home.

C)They promised to help them purchase inexpensive farmland.

D)They explained the U.S. land reform programs to them.

3 Answers

  • alot of them did it illegally

  • (A)

    Most of the immigrants didn’t need family members to “lure” them to America.

    Most of them came to America to flee the tyranny that was happening in their own countries.

    There was of course exaggeration on how fantastic America was with streets of gold ext.

    But the opportunity of having your own land, business, no taxation without representation and freedom of religion are by far the greatest things America had to offer.

    Unfortunately we are loosing everything that made America great.

  • A. I think. It would could be wrong.

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