How did Justinian gain the throne?

How did Justinian gain the throne?


"His uncle made him co-emperor"  is the one way among the following choices that Justinian gained the throne. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the second option or option "B". I hope that this is the answer that has come to your help.


His uncle made him co-Emperor


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The correct answer is B. Justinian gained the throne as his uncle made him co-emperor.

His mother, Vigilantia, was Justin's sister. Justin was part of the imperial guard before being named emperor in the year 518, adopted Justinian and took him with him to Constantinople, ensuring that he received a good education.

Justin was proclaimed new emperor, with significant help from Justinian. During the reign of Justin (518-527), Justinian was the closest confidant to the emperor. Justinian showed great ambition, and it is believed that he functioned as a virtual regent long before Justin appointed him co-emperor on April 1, 527, although there is no evidence to confirm this view. When Justin began to show symptoms of senility at the end of his reign, Justinian became the de facto ruler. Justinian was appointed consul in 521, and later commander-in-chief of the eastern army. After the death of Justin I, on August 1, 527, Justinian would become the sole sovereign of the Empire.

Uncle made him co-emperor then as his health began to fade he made Justinian his succesor

Justinian gained his throne through his uncle who made him co-emperor - 2.

With time this proved to be a very good decision from the side of his uncle as Justinian indeed was a very good emperor and helped the Roman empire advance in certain aspects considering it was in a state of decline at the time. 

Justinian ruled as co-emperor with Justin I, his uncle. In Justin's later years, when his health began to fade, he named Justinian as his successor, so Justinian thus inherited the entire Byzantine Empire, as Justinian did not appoint another co-emperor after his uncle's death.

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