How did life change during the Industrial Revolution?

Need some help with History Work ,….. i am in year 8 so please dont make it to complicated. I need some info on how life changed, before and after the industrial revolution and what impact did the industrial revolution have on Great Britain

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  • Between 1760 and 1880 there was a big growth in the size of cities in britain and the population was rising as people started to move into the more industrialised areas (where there were factories) in search of work. This was because of the transformation of agriculture – farming (crops, farmers and stuff like that) and factories producing resources.

    BASICAlly as you’re in year 8 and i know what thats like, as the population increases then there needs to be more food so there were more farmers and people like that.

    Britain’s power in the Industrial Revolution changed because of textiles since textile manufacturing was a large part of Britain’s economic growth during the Industrial Revolution.

    Due to the development of new industrial technologies, Britain was able to build numerous new factories, among them those that made textiles. Since the output of goods like textiles started to increase, Britain was able to stimulate its economic and technological growth, leading to its relatively advanced technological state and powerful economic capability at the time.

    Therefore, since textiles were one of the major industries that spurred the Industrial Revolution and brought on new advancements, Britain was able to harness that stimulus and become a more powerful nation.

    BASICALly, once again, there were more clever people because of better education, and loads of things were invented in the victorian times, so people became richer from that, opened more factories, therefore more jobs for people who need to feed there families..

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  • Well for starters, before the industrial revolution, we only had food to feed only about 1million people on earth.

    Now, after the industrial revolution, we can feed possibly 6 billion people on earth. Unfortunately, we don’t do it to well, as 1 billion people on earth still don’t have access to food as much (because we waste a lot of food, and do not dispose of properly). But it’s still better than feed 1 million.

  • there ware new machines that made life eisier

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