How did nativists react to immigrants in california in the mid-1800s?

How did nativists react to immigrants in california in the mid-1800s? a. they opened cultural centers to teach english and job skills to immigrants. b. they built fences along california's border to keep illegal immigrants out. c. they welcomed immigrants who were willing to work for low wages. d. they attacked chinese immigrants and joined the know-nothing party.


How did nativists react to immigrants in California in the mid-1800s?D. They attacked Chinese immigrants and joined the Know-Nothing Party.
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The correct option is D

The end of the war in 1865 allowed the industrial development of the state. The population continued to grow, but soon a yellow hysteria was present in the state. In 1882 the number of Asian immigrants was limited by several acts that discriminated especially the Chinese population. During the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt there was a diplomatic treaty that limited the number of Japanese immigrants.

Much of the economic development of the state was due to the construction of the transcontinental railroad after the end of the war. During that same period, the government granted cheap land to citizens with the desire to populate the western territories.

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