How did Nazia Hassan die?

How did Pakistani singer die?What abouta Pak Singer zoheb Hassan?

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  • Of all the deaths, one of the most controversial, saddening and mysterious ones was of pop singer Nazia Hassan. Nazia Hassan’s death on August 13, 2000 in London was officially attributed to lung cancer, a disease she had been fighting for around four years. But to this day, it has never been fully established that cancer was the true reason for her death. According to a news story printed in The News, it was revealed that a judicial investigation was called. It was then temporarily adjourned after the police told the court that they were still carrying out inquiries.

    It was further reported that Nazia had recorded a statement before her lawyers in which she had stated that she was being poisoned. Nazia had asked her lawyers that in the event of her death, a full investigation should be carried out. And in the midst of this death were the marital issues of Nazia. Married to Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, Nazia’s divorce, according to her father Basir Hassan, was final, which was rejected by her husband’s lawyer Raza Hashmi. In an interview with The News, music producer Biddu, who had worked with Nazia Hassan on many of her albums, confirmed the deteriorating status of Nazia’s marriage when he said, “Nazia was very worried about her married life, custody of the child but had expressed her determination to fight.”

    According to an article published on later, Nazia’s marriage in her own words, “became another cancer”. According to her will, the custody of her son Arez would go to her parents but this was contested in courts by her husband. The story further states that the High Court of London gave custody of the child to Nazia’s parents. But if Nazia Hassan was being poisoned, an autopsy report should’ve been ordered and revealed to the courts and the public. But to this day, if such an autopsy was ordered it has never been publicly revealed. And whenever things are not revealed, the truth remains shrouded in mystery.

    (I copied this from the website in the source, I agree with this source because I remember at that time I escaped abusive marriage 2 days before nazia hassan died and i remember that there was something about her husband poisoning her, if this wasn’t the case, the court in UK would never grant custody to mother’s parents because the mother died and would hand the custody over to the father, but you can see nazia’s parents got the sole custody of nazia’s son and there is a reason to believe that nazia’s husband has had something to do with her death. But again thats what I believe)

  • Nazia Hassan

  • Zohaib Hassan

  • Nazia hassan died of a broken heart. She was an angel not meant for this world.

  • Nazia died due to lung cancer on 13th August 2000 in London at age of 35 and Zohaib is her younger brother,who is pop singer like her,but now retired from singing

  • Nazia Hassan died bcz of lung cancer

  • Well i am a big fan of her , from Kabul Afghanistan, i used to listen her songs, when left Afghanistan due to civil war, in 1991, at that time i could not talk and understand Urdu, but her beautiful voice compelled me to listen to her voice and songs, her voice compelled me to (read and write) Urdu and understand, that what she is saying on her songs, why i become big fan of her?

    i used to live to Pakistan from 1991 till 2001 and then when i came back to Afghanistan still i have her song s cassettes with my self

  • she died of lung cancer in 2000

    Zoheb hassan is still alive.

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  • Love u Nazia Hassan ………….. ur voice so nice…………………………………Shohel from Bangladesh

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