How did the ccc help watson improve his life

Some of this document has been edited for the purposes of this task. As you analyze the document, consider both the source of the document and the authors point of view. Stanley Watson describes his experiences in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), 1937: After eighteen months of riding box cars, begging and robbing for my food, fighting, dodging policemen, and committing other forms of petty larceny, I arrived in the village of Woodridge, New York, where I called upon an aunt and uncle. They talked to me of an organization called the Civilian Conservation Corps in which I could earn $30 a month and my room and board. My first assignment was that of a galley slave, . ..I peeled vegetables, washed dishes, and scrubbed floors until I almost did them in my sleep...

Evenings I took advantage of the many educational advantages offered to the enrollees. I studied Psychology, Sociology, and Speech. Through the winter I worked with but one picture in my mind that of a beautiful green campus with big brick buildings and of myself going to and from classes a beautiful picture if only it could be realized. Knowing that I would have to work my way through, I made several applications for work and received many offers, two of which I answered and accepted. member in full standing in the [college] freshman class. At the present time I am doing on the average of twenty-five hours work a week and am carrying realized, thanks to an educational advisor and the lessons learned in the CCC. g a full schedule of school work. My dreams have been

How did the CCC help Watson improve his life?


The Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC) helped Staley Watson improve his life by providing him with a sense of purpose. As the man had been led astray by a life of chaos and crime, the CCC helped inculcate some structure and integrity in his life. He initially started at a low rank, the “Galley Slave” until he progressed onto the rank of a member in full standing at the college level. His gradual transition from a person lacking drive and ambition to someone who holds a responsible and authoritative position is what caused him to feel as though his dreams were realized. Another aspect of his improvement was the development of a work ethic and discipline. This provided a sense of order, justice and fairness to him, which he lacked earlier. As the education advisor noticed what got the author into trouble. he suggested him to perform the activities that would rectify his faulty behavioral patterns. At the end of the text, the author talks about how he juggles his school work along with twenty-five hours of work a week. This has presumably taught him to manage his time, resources and energy wisely. He has also made constructive use of his time, which is conducive to his personal and professional growth. As the author was constantly forced to form good habits, he was driven to evolve his character. This is perhaps the main reason for the author’s overall satiation.

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