how did vietnam create tension politically, economically and socially in the us during the war?

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  • One party was for the war and the other was against it. The US govt spent millions of $$$$ there and lots of people thought it was wasted. They said we never should have been there. Socially the protesters managed to disrupt many things going on. They would march up and down with their protest signs and shouting anti-war slogans. Military who returned from Vietnam did not get a heroe’s welcome or a ticker tape parade in New York. They were booed and spit on and some people turned their backs on them. The TV cameras right there in the action showed people back home a side of the war they had never seen before and they didn’t like it. But it was not a new thing happening in Vietnam. Wars before it were just as bad, there just weren’t cameras there to capture it and report it instantaneously.

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    -Democrats split on issue

    -Republicans start supporting war

    -Johnson becomes unpopular

    -Riots in 1968




    -Civil Rights Workers (MLK) are against it


    -Recession after war


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