How did zuko get that scar and in what episode?

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  • Zuko got the scar before the series began. He go it after he spoke out of turn at a Fire Nation war meeting upon hearing of a general’s plan to sacrifice an entire division composed of young recruits in battle and by doing so was forced by his father to participate in an Agni Kai. At first he thought he would duel against the general he disrespected but it turned out to be his father, Fire Lord Ozai. Not wanting to fight him he surrendered immediately. His father called him a coward for doing so and burned his face thus giving him that scar.

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  • There were a few episodes that explained the scar, but there’s one where Iroh is telling some fire nation guards what happened. IN the same episode, you also learn what happened to Aang before he was frozen.

    Zuko got his scar because he spoke out of turn at a military meeting. He disgraced his father and they dueled. Zuko didn’t want to fight him, and he got burned.

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  • it’s explained in episode 12. here’s part of the episode summary that talks about zuko’s scar:

    “Iroh walks in and after the lieutenant says that he is welcome he sits down and says that Zuko is a complicated young man that has been through much. Another flashback showing the inside of a Fire Nation building we see military leaders enter a room and a young non-scared prince Zuko tries to enter the war chamber but the guards won’t let him pass. Iroh pulls Zuko off to the side and after being convinced Iroh decides to let Zuko enter the War Chamber but cautions him not to talk. There in the chamber a military leader is telling a group about his plan on how to attack the Earth Kingdom, he suggests sending in a group of new recruits to attack them directly sacrificing them so they can mount an attack from the rear. Zuko speaks out against the general’s plan saying that it is wrong to sacrifice their own soldiers. The flashback ends with Iroh sitting around the others and he says that Zuko was right but that it wasn’t his place to speak out and that there would be consequences…after Zuko spoke out against the general Zuko’s father became furious with his son. With an act of disrespect like this the only way to settle it is with an Agni Kai. Zuko thought that his opponent would be the general he had challenged and so he wasn’t afraid to fight him. But as the duel started Zuko discovered that it was not the general that he had to face but Fire Lord Ozai-his father…We return to Iroh’s story he says that when Zuko found out it was his father he had to face Zuko begged for mercy. His father had no compassion for his son’s feelings ordering him to fight but Zuko refuses. Then Ozai claims that Zuko must learn respect and the only way to learn it is through suffering. We see Iroh watching the duel with a group of other of the Fire Nation and in his own words. “I looked away” with those words we see light envelope the scene and the only thing we hear is a scream. The Lieutenant states that he thought Zuko got his scare from a training accident, but Iroh states it was no accident. Iroh continues saying after the duel the Fire Lord said that by refusing to duel Zuko showed shameful weakness and as a punishment was banished and sent to capture the Avatar only then could he return home. “

    hope this helps. good luck!!

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  • Episode 12 The Storm explains how Zuko got his scar. His father fire punched him in the face.

    Watch avatar episodes here:

    Episode 12:…

  • agni kai dueled his dad his dad burned his eye and he got the scar it is not on an episode he just remembers it out through the days


    They show what happened in a flashback Iroh has- the episode is The Storm, book(season) 1 hope that helped!

  • he dueled his father in agni kai, for disrespecting the firelord in the war room by talking out of turn.

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