How do I act sad at school?

My friend and I want to be actresses really badly and she says that I can't act sad for a whole school day without breaking character. I think I can but I need some really specific tips and maybe even a reason if a teacher or another friend or classmate asks me why im sad. Thanks!!

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  • This is going to sound very 'Black Swan' like..and corny... but just look at all of the people you care about and imagine everything they might have done to hurt you..or imagine them doing so. Just put yourself into the 'sad' state of mind. Think about a lot of hurtful things that have happened to you. (especially from ex..or someone you like)

  • Acting isn't about being sad, acting is about developing a character and portraying that character's thoughts and emotions. If you want to be an actress, thinking like that won't get you anywhere.

  • Slump. Think about how ugly the overhead florescent lights make you look. Walk slowly. Talk quietly. Look as though you are about to burst into tears--but don't. Don't look people in the eye. Sigh. Purse your lower lip out a bit. Wear baggy clothes. If someone comments on the weather, say that it will probably be cloudy or rainy tomorrow.

    If someone asks why you're so sad, look away and mumble "it's personal" or "it's complicated."

  • Maybe wear a bigg hoodie chacket and put the hood over your head all the time unless the teachers ask you to take it off and keep your headphones on don't talk to anyone. That's like being depressed.

  • well it's not that hard to act sad just think of something that really gets you for me i would just think about my up coming surgery and the bad things that can happen while i'm in surgery or i would think about my dog and puppy that died last year...that should work..but it's not really acting but it will help in acting.

  • Isn't school already soulbreakingly sad enough?

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