How do I add freon to a refrigerator ?

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  • You probably don’t need to add freon to your refrigerator. People usually ask this question when their refrigerator doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the stuff you put in it.

    1. check the bottom of your fridge, there is an air intake grill at the bottom, make sure this is clean and free of lint/ dust

    2. make sure the thermostat inside is set properly

    3. don’t overload the freezer section. the cold air for the fridge comes from the freezer, and if you have too much stuff in the freezer, it will stop the air from being able to flow to the refrigerator section

    4. Finally, if you’re a little bit technically capable, check the back of the refrigerator, for a small 1/8″ hose going down the back of it- make sure this line is clear and free of gunk

    If your refrigerator needs freon, there would have been a clear moment when the freon was let out- puncture, break, crack, etc. If this happened there would be oil all over the bottm compartment of the fridge, and probalby the wall behind it- and the compressor would not run at all.

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  • To add refrigerant to a refrigerator, you will need to braze in an access valve. Those are a “T” type valve that go into the LOW side of the compressor on the suction side.

    Once you have that valve brazed in you can then add the refrigerant. Vacuum down the system with a 2 stage vacuum pump and charge. This is a fairly easy job to do, you purchase the valve at an Appliance Store or a HVAC supply house for about $3. Then you cut the line with a tubing cutter and using silfos rod and an MapGas torch with Oxygen you can easily braze that into the line. Silfos is self fluxing, no flux is required and it never ever leaks.

    Next you need to determine the type of refrigerant used. There is a tag right on the compressor stating the type of refrigerant. The newer models us R34 which is the same refrigerant used in Automobiles today. So a couple cans of that from auto store along with a charging hose is about all you need there. NO license is required to use this stuff, Walmart sells it to everybody. However if you still want to use the R12, you can buy that with a permit, to get a permit anyone can plunk down $85 and take an open book test and get one right on the spot. Then the HVAC will sell you the stuff. So once you got the access valve in there vacuum down and charge with the R12 Or convert over to R34 whichever is your choice.

    Now, if you have R12 freon in the older refrigerator, then you can purge that out with alchol and blowing out all of the old oil out of the system since R34 is not compatable with the old oil in there. But other than that it works just the same. Something like re-doing an older automobile AC from R12 to R34, its a commonly done thing.

    Then recharge with PAG oil which you can get at any HVAC supply house. It takes on average about 5 tablespoons of PAG oil for a full size refrigerator. So put the PAG oil in there and then charge as above with the R34 where you can get almost anywhere.

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    How do I add freon to a refrigerator ?

  • What law? I can tell that you’re licensed, right? If someone who wants DIY, you’re really pissed off because you lose $$$$, hey, there is no law said that no DIY! NONE! Sorry licensed pros, I got have to do it and save $$$.

    I do not mind to call a licensed pro to do the repair work, but some, or most of all licensed pros are highway robbers, that was what happened that I called someone to check out our A/C which was blowing hot air, he came for about 20 minutes to replace a bad capacitor, it cost less than $10, but he charged $200, that’s right $200 for a $10 capacitor, and a whopping of $300 for just replacing the bad capacitor, do you think I’ll ever going to call a licensed pro again in the future? NEVER!!

  • most fridge uses freon r134a (it tells you on the label). this is the same freon for most of the cars too. so you can buy it from auto stores or even walmart. you don’t need a license to buy. it’s easy to add it to your fridge. just watch some youtube videos and you should be good.

  • Refrigerant does not “wear out”, dissipate, or go away. If the system is short of refrigerant, that means that it has escaped into the atmosphere!

    Most likely, the compressor is internally damaged and “inefficient”, if indeed it is a refrigerant related problem. 90% of all refrgieration system malfunctions have nothing to do with the refrigerant.

    If you cleaned “dirty” heat transfer surfaces, I would set the refrigerator and freezer controls both to the normal or “middle” position, and see what happens. the “freezer control merely decreases the amount of cold air that is allowed to duct from the freezer compartment where the evaporator is located into the refrigerator compartment. The refrigerator control is actually the thermostatic switch which cylces the compressor in consideration of the refrigerator compartment temperature.

    Does there seem to be a lot of frost building up on the bottom or back wall of the freezer compartment surfaces? It is possible that a malfunctioning defrost operation is causing your malady (perhaps a defrost timer).

    Acutally, “Just needing a shot of refrigerant”, is one of the worst things that can happen to a refrigeration system!

  • You don’t. It’s not like adding brake fluid. Refrigerant is in a closed system under pressure.

    Freon has been replaced by other, safer refrigerants. You need very specialized equipment to add refrigerant and test pressure. Call a professional.

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