how do i add tags to anonymous asks on tumblr?

2 Answers

  • Once you publish it, you go to your dashboard, find it, and press "edit" in the right hand corner of the post. Then it looks like any other post where you can add tags and stuff.

  • a million. this is surely a feed of all your posts, i assume. I by no ability understood the factor of it, so i won't be in a position to truly enable you recognize plenty else approximately it. 2. It relies upon on what they are running a weblog. Tumblrs like reasoningwithvampires and hpotterfacts gets hundreds of followers as a results of fact the fabric they are running a weblog approximately is extremely nicely-commonly used and commonly used. own blogs are much less possibly to earnings greater suitable than perhaps a pair hundred followers. 3. I do it for all time. 4. Do what you prefer. this is all own decision. perhaps you notice a post that makes you chuckle or despite the fact that yet you do not think of it is going with the the remainder of the weblog, so which you like it particularly of reblogging. or maybe you spot that particularly some your followers have already reblogged it so particularly of putting it on the sprint for the hundredth time, you basically like it. 5. Tag issues. human beings song tags and if somebody unearths your posts exciting, they'll persist with. not a assure, yet this is surprisingly plenty the way it works on tumblr. 6. relies upon. some human beings placed upload-ons of their blogs that song IP addresses and such. i in my opinion locate that to be slightly too invasive - in case you do not prefer to enable human beings be particularly nameless, do exactly not turn on the nameless decision - yet yeah, some human beings might have the flexibility to hint their anons. 7. verify the tags you're attracted to. 8. I do as a results of fact this is much less complicated for me to locate issues in an prolonged time, or if my followers prefer to locate a post. additionally, i like including humorous meta tags. you do not ought to, of direction, yet tags are a extensive component of tumblr. 9. relies upon on the purpose industry you have. human beings you're actually not buddies with have a tendency to get aggravated with truly some text fabric posts. Reblogging text fabric posts as hyperlinks is particularly not undemanding. Autoplay song on your weblog will make human beings scream. 10. in case you do not locate it interior a existence like quantity of scrolling by the tag, bypass forward and post it. basically be certain you upload in a resource if this is obtainable. yet yeah, there are probable tens of millions of imagery that have been published tens of millions of time as a results of fact human beings could not locate an unique post or they are basically too lazy to learn, so this is not a huge deal to in basic terms weblog the image your self.

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