How do i cancel an online order from

i ordered the wrong phone! ahh!

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  • here is the customer support number 1-800-T-MOBILE and here is their return policy Handset Return and Cancellation Policy For, 1-877-387-4324, and 1-800-T-MOBILE sales and activations only:

    You may cancel Service without paying a cancellation fee within the Return Period, which is 20 calendar days from the date of your order (30 days in CA). During the Return Period, you can cancel Service for any reason so long as you: (a) contact us to cancel Service; and (b) return with proof of purchase, any product purchased from, 1-877-387-4324, or 1-800-T-MOBILE in connection with your activation of Service. Even if you cancel Service and/or return your product, you must pay all Service and other charges incurred prior to cancellation or return. A product returned with proof of purchase to the place of purchase during the Return Period along with its original packaging and contents is eligible for a refund of the purchase price if it is in good working condition. You may be required to pay a restocking fee. The purchase price of your product may have been subsidized to facilitate your subscription to the Service. If you cancel Service within the Return Period but do not return the product in good working condition, you will be charged for the amount of the subsidy you received.

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  • Tmobile Cancellation Policy

  • 1-800-t Mobile Phone Number

  • If you have an order number, try logging into your account area and see if its possible from there. If not, try ringing them up and see if they will change the order for you. If you can’t do either of these things, you should have about 20 days to return the phone without being charged, so you could return it and try again. Try ringing 1-877-387-4324, or log into… (i’m assuming you’re from America?)

  • You actually have to call the Pizza Hut you ordered from and tell them you want to cancel it

  • u need to call to-mobile support and telll them before they bring u the phone. or wait until the phone comes in the mail and then go t-mobile store and reorder the right phone u wanted.

  • I doubt this is feasible

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