How do I dismantle a disposable Bic lighter?

I want to get the flint out of a Bic lighter to put in my zippo, how do I break the Bic lighter down to get it out, is there some sort of catch to open the top case hood? I don't want to butchr the thing to open it up.

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  • okay i do this all the time take the little alumin caseing off the top just get some plier and pop it off reall easy....then take that little scrolly wheel off but thats the tricky part cuz the flint is spring loaded carefully pry the wheel out very easy but do it on like a sheet or sumthin so the flint doesnt roll around and you can find it easier.... but u have to break the flint just a little cuz it wont fit in to the zippo cuz its too long and

  • Bic Disposable Lighter

  • I would strongly advise against dismantling any device not intended for this purpose as it can be dangerous and/or cause personal injury.

    But if you must. You can remove the flame guard by spreading it open then remove the striker wheel carefully. One thing to keep in mind is that bic lighters have a larger than normal size flint and won't always fit in certain lighters.

  • A package of flint doesn't cost that much. It isn't worth the hassle of tearing apart a disposable lighter, just for a piece of flint.

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